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Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun that is harnessed to generate heat or electricity. It is a renewable source which is clean, quiet and is friendly to mother nature.

PV cells are comprised of a semiconductor material such as silicon. When the sunlight’s energy reaches the solar panels, conductivity is created within the cell and this will activate the movement of electrons, thus creating electricity.

It depends on how much electricity you use, how large the solar panel systems is being installed and how efficient the appliances that is operated. Weather can be a factor on how efficient the system works. For example, a moving cloud can decrease the power of harnessing energy from the sun, but it is to a point which is minimal.

Solar panels require minimal maintenance although it is advisable to have proper maintenance on the whole system itself e.g. (inverters, wiring, battery systems). Falling debris such as leaves and dirt can also affect the efficiency of the solar panels. Zaffra Solar can provide yearly maintenance to the solar panels. Please enquire more with Zaffra consultants.

Currently, any solar energy produced is first used to offset your own consumption during that period. Any excess solar energy will be exported to the grid. You will receive payment (based on the prevailing low-tension electricity tariff minus grid charge) from SP Services by way of a credit adjustment to the monthly electricity bill. -Energy Market Authority